At Tsukuda Suisan, we don’t just offer tours of the Osaka Central Wholesale Market, which only market-related personnel are allowed to enter, but we also offer hands-on tours where you can actually touch, disassemble, and taste the tuna.

The staff of Tsukuda Suisan, which has been in business for half a century in Osaka as a high-end tuna wholesaler, knows tuna and the Osaka City Central Wholesale Market inside and out, and will be your direct guide. This is a unique and exciting experience.

We are very happy to serve not only domestic customers but also foreign customers. (Interpreters are available for languages other than Japanese and English.)

Tour Flow


Visitors can experience the dismantling of tuna in a market that is off-limits to the general public. Instead of a typical dismantling show, visitors will participate in the tuna dismantling themselves and actually see the various parts of the tuna before it is cut into pieces, such as the large fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, and red tuna.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to touch and feel the rare tools used to dismantle the tuna. Visitors can enjoy the realistic atmosphere of the event.

Boots and aprons are available for rent.


Visitors will observe a professional auction house where connoisseurs engage in serious competition. You will be able to experience the lively and dynamic auction.
Before the auction, you will also have a chance to see how the tuna are judged one by one in the auction room where many tuna are lined up for sale.
You will also be able to see how the tuna is Please come and see how the professionals evaluate the tuna before dismantling.


After getting to know tuna better through the dismantling and auction room tour, visitors will have the opportunity to compare and taste tuna. Visitors will be able to experience the true taste of tuna by comparing different parts of the tuna, different types of tuna, and rare parts of tuna that are not available to the general public, while listening to a tuna master explain the taste and characteristics of the tuna.
(*The contents of the tuna comparison are subject to change depending on the availability of the tuna at the time.)


After the market experience, enjoy a fresh breakfast at a restaurant recommended by Tsukuda Suisan in the Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Market.

The photo is an example of Endo Sushi Restaurant. We will consult with you regarding the restaurant and its contents.
*The above is the basic flow of the experience. It is subject to change depending on customer requests and market conditions.

Example of timetable

(In the case of participation from Osaka City)

2:00 Designated location: Gathering and pick-up in Osaka City
3:00 – 3:45 *Arrive at Osaka Central Wholesale Market
*Tour briefing at Tsukuda Suisan experience area
*Tuna disassembly begins: Demonstration/experience
3:45 Move to the tuna auction site
4:45 Observe the auction
5:00 Tuna eating experience
6:00 Tour experience ends.
Breakfast (meals at the market, endo sushi, etc.)
7:00 Departure from the market
7:30 Dismissal at a designated place in Osaka City

**We will arrange a cab or charter bus to and from the Osaka Central Wholesale Market. Please note that we may not be able to keep the scheduled time due to traffic congestion or other reasons. Please understand in advance.

Video of Past Tours

You can view videos of actual tours from past tours.

**The video includes images of the actual cutting surface and entrails of tuna. Please note that this video may not be suitable for those who are not comfortable with such images.

Case 1.

Example of use as a corporate welfare program

NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes Osaka

Three active rugby players from the Osaka-based rugby team “Red Hurricanes Osaka” participated in a trial tour.

The Red Hurricanes Osaka is a rugby team that is a member of JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE and hosts the city of Osaka in Osaka Prefecture.

Tsukuda Suisan has a supplier contract with the Red Hurricanes Osaka for 2023. This tour was made possible by this relationship.

Case 2..

Example of in-house training for a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant)

Mr. Araki of “Uosaburo,” a long-established ryotei restaurant in Fushimi, Kyoto

Mr. Araki from “Uosaburo,” a long-established ryotei restaurant in Fushimi, Kyoto, which is also a business partner of Tsukuda Suisan, visited us and participated in a market experience to learn more about the tuna that he usually uses.

Case 3.

Example of social tour for an individual

Example of social tour for an individual

This tour was realized through the introduction of a mutual acquaintance.

Case 4.

Example of use by an overseas visitor

Mr. Whitney Mercilus, former NFL player

Mr. Whitney Mercilus, a former NFL player who is a big fan of Japanese food, came to Japan for sightseeing and inspection.

Video taken from “Press RUNNER” feature
*”Press RUNNER” is a news and information wide program broadcast on Kansai Television (Fuji TV affiliate) from 16:45 – 19:00 on weekdays since March 27, 2017.

*The page featuring the two days of participation in this tour (in English) is below

How to apply for participation

We are sorry, but due to business reasons, we are not accepting tours at this time (as of July 2024). We will post an announcement on this page when we reopen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an e-mail from the “Contact Us” page.

Number of participants

*Reservations are accepted from 2 persons.

About fees

The price will vary depending on the number of participants, plan, pick-up and drop-off locations, and pick-up and drop-off methods.
Reference example: In the case of 5 participants, market experience + breakfast plan, and cab pickup and drop-off at a hotel near Osaka Station.
Approx. 55,000 yen per person (tax included)
Adults and children are the same price.

Scheduled dates

Tours may be held at any time.
*Dates of the tour are subject to the dates of the auction and dismantling experience at the market.
*Basically, we accept only one couple per day.
*Please wear comfortable clothes.
*Please wear comfortable clothes (boots and aprons are available for rent).