Committed to world-class quality.

More than half a century since its foundation in 1967 in Osaka, the “world’s kitchen”.
The Tsukuda Tuna brand delivers the unprecedented flavor of authentic tuna created from only the finest of the finest ingredients, as well as a moment of bliss to all who eat it.


Catches of 50 to 60 tons are carefully culled for less than one percent of the rarest, world-class quality tuna, which is then purchased directly before it goes to market through relationships of trust built over the years with traders, ship owners, and companies who buy a boat’s entire catch.

Traceability from trustworthy Japanese ships.

Committed to trust and safety, our purchasers cull through tons of tuna using keen judgment made with “blade selection” soon after fish is caught.
Securing the finest quality product before it hits the market lets us achieve stable supply and the ultimate in flavor.
By omitting complex distribution and purchasing routes, we have established traceability that ensures no fakery when it comes to season or source, letting our customers put their minds at ease.


Longline fishing, the standard of tuna, and quick-freezing at -60°

Despite their size, improperly caught tuna often results in a marked deterioration in taste and quality due to stress as well as the “burnt tuna” phenomenon in which momentary rises in body temperature during struggle lead to discoloring of the meat.
The Tsukuda Tuna brand prioritizes tuna caught using longline fishing, a method that minimizes stress to the tuna, in its purchases.
Tuna is also quick-frozen at extreme temperatures of -60° aboard the ships right after they are caught, retaining freshness through strict quality control.
Committed to the “standards of tuna”, we deliver the ultimate from the sea to the land.