“Blade selection” (debasen) can tell one everything, even the age of the tuna.

The reason the Tsukuda brand can consistently deliver such superb quality lies in the keen judgment of the connoisseur, tuna masters who can instantly tell whether the fish is good or bad using something called “blade selection”.
Such things as the age of the tuna can be told instantly from the delicate texture conveyed using a blade less than 10 centimeters long.
This commitment is not only due to Tsukuda’s unique logistical advantage of being able to secure excellent quality tuna before it goes to market.

Experience accumulated pursuing the world's best tuna with a trading company.

At Tsukuda Tuna, current chairman Fujio Tsukuda spent time along with a major trading company in pursuit of the best tuna in the world during the 1970s, when tuna started appearing on dinner tables all across Japan.
He spent years accumulating experience with “blade selection”, in which one uses a small blade to check and rank the quality of the meat and marbling right there on the spot once the catch has been brought aboard, grading the tuna and delivering it to the Japanese market.

Experience accumulated pursuing the world's best tuna with a trading company.

Tuna sold in the market is judged for its overall quality by making a cross-section of its cut-off tail. Exposing it to external air in this way results in a loss of freshness, though slight, even in the marketplace, where temperatures are kept cold.
The Tsukuda Tuna Brand buys produce carefully selected through double-layered inspection involving a strict quality check using “blade selection” and a cross section of the tail before it goes to market, then delivers this freshness and quality of this tuna, sometimes called the “jewel of the sea”, to our customers.

“Enjoy supreme quality in a supreme state.”
Delivering the fruit of the sea to our customers.
This is the unshakeable conviction of the tuna masters at Tsukuda Tuna Brand.