Careful selection and direct purchase from the pinnacle brand production areas in the world

Prize natural bluefin tuna and wild southern tuna, delivered to high-class restaurants and sushi shops as part of the Tsukuda tuna brand.
We have achieved consistent quality and stable supply of rare, premium produce caught in the world’s top tuna producing areas by directly purchasing from trustworthy Japanese ships with strict quality control before the product goes to market, and this outstanding taste has received the seal of approval from high-class restaurants, long-established eateries, and famous sushi shops.

The Ultimate in Luxury and Refinement: Tsukuda Wild Bluefin Tuna

Called the “black diamond”, the firm texture with marbling unique to wild tuna creates an exquisite balance that lets you experience the true flavor of natural bluefin tuna.

Raised in the cold waters of Northern Ireland, one of the world’s top brand producers, Tsukuda wild bluefin tuna is carefully selected for its firm meat and ideal balance of fat marbling.
What’s more, we purchase rare, premium produce from trustworthy Japanese ships before it hits the market, delivering the ultimate in luxury and blissful satisfaction to those seeking the genuine flavor at high-class restaurants, long-established Japanese eateries, and sushi shops.

The ultimate “black diamond”, chosen strictly for its aged size

Wild bluefin tuna can reach weights of up to 300 kilograms.
Also called “black tuna”, the powerful yet refined flavor is why it is called the “black diamond”.
The Tsukuda tuna brand directly purchases perfectly aged wild bluefin tuna from the seas of Northern Ireland, one of the world’s top producers of world-class tuna brands, at their tastiest weight between 150 to 200 kilograms.
We have also continued to select only the best produce, featuring an artistic contrast between lean meat and fat as well as fine-grained meat with minimal sinew, through the connoisseur’s “blade selection”, used to tell the tuna’s age.

The ultimate rich, fatty Tsukuda Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna

The rich sweetness of the fatty tuna fills the mouth, leaving behind a refinement that seems to melt, resulting in a flavor of joy created by wild southern bluefin tuna.

Wild southern bluefin is tuna which, unlike the bluefin tuna caught mainly in the northern hemisphere, is caught in the oceans of the southern hemisphere.
Tsukuda Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna secures the finest quality product by purchasing tuna grown in the cool waters of the Cape Town in the South Atlantic, a preeminent producer of brand name tuna before it goes to market.

Blissful sweetness found in less than 1 percent.

Wild southern bluefin tuna lets you experience the ultimate flavor of fatty tuna.
It is also known by the name Indian tuna due to the fact large amounts of this tuna are caught in the Indian ocean.
Tsukuda Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna are carefully selected for sizes between 80 to 100 kilograms when tuna are at their most delicious.
We provide the finest tuna that lets you enjoy blissful sweetness, which not only has rich fat and marbling, but is culled from less than 1% of even the best catches of tuna, using a stable supply system that secures tuna from trustworthy Japanese ships faster than the competition using keen judgment based on “blade selection” before the tuna goes to market.

The sweetness of real tuna, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.
Savor the ultimate flavor of southern bluefin tuna with the Tsukuda Tuna Brand.