Committed to world-class quality.

More than half a century since its foundation in 1967 in Osaka, the “world’s kitchen”.
The Tsukuda Tuna brand delivers the unprecedented flavor of authentic tuna created from only the finest of the finest ingredients, as well as a moment of bliss to all who eat it.

Committed to world-class quality.

Catches of 50 to 60 tons are carefully culled for less than one percent of the rarest, world-class quality tuna, which is then purchased directly before it goes to market through relationships of trust built over the years with traders, ship owners, and companies who buy a boat’s entire catch.

The Ultimate in Luxury: Tsukuda Wild Bluefin Tuna

Called the “black diamond”, the firm texture with marbling unique to wild tuna creates an exquisite balance that lets you experience the true flavor of wild bluefin tuna.
Raised in the cold waters of Northern Ireland, one of the world’s top brand producers, Tsukuda’s wild bluefin tuna is carefully selected for its firm meat and ideal balance of fat marbling.
We deliver the “ultimate in luxury”, with pure lean tuna and fatty tuna adored by foodies everywhere.

Rich, Fatty Tsukuda Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna

The rich sweetness of the fatty tuna fills the mouth, leaving behind a refinement that seems to melt, resulting in a flavor of joy that can only be created by Wild Southern Bluefin (Indian tuna).
Tsukuda Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna is grown in the cool waters of the Cape Town in the South Atlantic, a preeminent producer of brand name tuna, and is carefully selected for sizes between 80 to 100 kilograms when tuna at its tastiest. We provide tuna that offers plentiful marbling and sweet, rich fat, sometimes called the “gem” of Wild Southern Bluefin Tuna.

The age of the tuna, identified with keen judgment and “blade selection” of connoisseurs.

The reason the Tsukuda brand can consistently deliver such superb quality lies in the keen judgment of our connoisseurs, is the tuna masters who can instantly tell whether the fish is good or bad using something called “blade selection” (debasen).
They can tell such things as the age of the tuna instantly from the delicate texture conveyed using a blade less than 10 centimeters long, ensuring direct purchase of the finest tuna before it hits the market.

The best restaurants where you can savor the Tsukuda Tuna Brand

The best restaurants, where picky foodies and gourmets venture in pursuit of true flavor.
Here, in fine spaces that exude atmospheres brimming with refinement and chic created by artisanal chefs, the Tsukuda tuna brand is adored by patrons.